Southwestern Power Administration

November 13, 2017
Southwestern Receives Rising Star Award

EEO Program Manager Brad Shaff
accepted an award for Southwestern
at Mosaic’s Diversity Inclusion Forum.

Southwestern Power Administration (Southwestern) was awarded a Rising Star recognition by the Tulsa Regional Chamber’s diversity business council, Mosaic, on October 24, 2017. The Inclusion Forum event, held in the atrium of the Bank of Oklahoma Center, recognized Tulsa organizations that have made significant headway in diversity and inclusion business practices.

Mosaic, a public organization championing the business case for diversity and inclusion, debuted in October 2011. In 2012, Mosaic implemented an annual Inclusive Workplace Cultures survey to provide benchmark data to companies to gauge their strengths, opportunities, and challenges when considering diversity within their organizations.

Mosaic uses five key metrics to provide a general rubric for scoring the responses, with awards being given at the three, four, and five star levels. Southwestern is one of twelve companies to receive the Rising Star award, a recognition awarded to organizations beginning to demonstrate commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Brad Shaff, Southwestern’s Equal Employment Opportunity Program Manager, was present at the Inclusion Forum to receive Southwestern’s award. Shaff sought out Mosaic in March of this year and welcomed the chance to assess Southwestern’s diversity and inclusion business practices with Mosaic’s survey. Under the guidelines of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), Shaff says he is committed to working toward Southwestern’s goals of being a model employer.

“Diversity is simply about fairness and doing the right thing and the smart thing that we need to do to accomplish the mission here at Southwestern,” he said. “If you have the job of recruiting the best 10-person team you can to get a job done, wouldn’t you rather have an applicant pool with 800 qualified people competing for 10 slots than an applicant pool with 80 qualified people to choose from? I believe in giving people an environment where they can thrive personally and professionally. If we don’t all promote the values encompassed in our EEO guidelines, we are never going to be able to compete effectively with employers who do.”

Southwestern is the only federal government agency in Tulsa to be recognized by Mosaic.